The Mechanics and Physics of high rate deformation and fracture is the central and historical research theme of the Dynamic Fracture Laboratory (DFL). The DFL was started within the Materials Mechanics Center in 1994 by D. Rittel, to address specific issues in dynamic fracture mechanics and stress wave physics through a combined experimental-numerical approach.

Since then, the Dynamic Fracture Laboratory has been actively developing new tools and techniques to address these issues, while expanding its activity to other related and exciting new domains, such as soft matter mechanics and dental biomechanics, or dental engineering. Throughout our research, we never lose sight of the governing physics of the processes that we characterize and model.


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Amit S. Shavit, Daniel Rittel, Keren Shemtov-Yona "The chemical and microstructural signature of peri-implantitis on titanium dental implants’ surface"
Jing Xie, Yang Qiao, Zu’an Wang, Yuanshen Qi, Qingfeng Xu, Keren Shemtov-Yona, Pengwan Chen, Daniel Rittel "Application of the Taguchi method to areal roughness-based surface topography control by waterjet treatments"
Zu'an Wang, Yinze Lei, Jing Xie, Pengfei Wang, Gan Feng, Yong Kang, Pengwan Chen, D. Rittel "Surface removal of ductile metal using cyclic lowfrequency impact of a discrete particle-less waterjet"
Mode II loading
Ballistic Perforation
Dynamic Shear Test