Photo of Prof. Daniel Rittel
Prof. Daniel Rittel
DFL Head

D. Rittel research interests lie in the field of Mechanics and Physics of material/structural failure, with emphasis on experimental characterization across the scales. While the quasi-static (slow) loading regime is of interest, the majority of D. Rittel’s work concerns impact physics and the associated thermomechanical coupling effects that give rise to unique dynamic failure mechanisms. The approach is usually of a hybrid type that involves iterating advanced numerical simulations and experimental work.

The first step is to understand the specific physics of the failure process of any material system (metallic, ceramic, soft matter, living matter…) in all of its aspects (mechanical and materials), so that this process can be modelled and controlled accordingly. The ultimate goal of D. Rittel’s work is the development of stronger materials and safer structures based on the knowledge of their failure mechanisms.



Photo of Orel Guetta
Orel Guetta
"Modelling the mechanical behavior of thermo-reversible gels"
(direct track)
Photo of Gleb Gil Goviazin
Gleb Gil Goviazin
"The mechanical properties of weld-3D printed materials"
(direct track)


Photo of Itai Danieli
Itai Danieli
Investigate shocks in methylcellulose gels with advanced visualization techniques
Photo of Sapir Peretz
Sapir Peretz
Co-advisor: Dr. A. Shirizly

Investigation of the failure envelope of polymers using combined tension/torsion experiments

Photo of Evgeni Viluska
Evgeni Viluska
"The mechanics of Nylon 12"
Photo of Aharon Zaritzky
Aharon Zaritzky
"Ultra high strain rate failure of electromagnetically expanding cylinders"
Photo of Itay Levin
Itay Levin
"The adiabatic shear localization physics"

Undergraduate Students

Photo of Tamir Albik
Tamir Albik
Investigate shear banding, dynamic fracture and thermomechanical couplings
Tom Jami
Works on piezo-actuation of cells
Photo of Ofer Honen
Ofer Honen
Brakim program
Photo of Tair David
Tair David
Brakim program
Investigates dynamic shear localization
Photo of Sagi Aharoni
Sagi Aharoni
Brakim program
Investigate damage mechanisms in bone


Photo of Alexander Prokhorov
Alexander Prokhorov
Alex will join us to investigate the dynamic response of materials.
Photo of Oren Petel
Oren Petel

Prof. Petel specializes in shock mechanics with applications to shock protection. He will be joining our team working on hydrogels for shock mitigation purposes.


Photo of Dr. DMD-Ph.D. Keren Shemtov-Yona
Dr. DMD-Ph.D. Keren Shemtov-Yona

Dr. (DMD-PhD) Keren Shemtov-Yona specializes in clinical implantology and mechanical behavior of dental materials used in implant dentistry. Keren holds a B.Sc. in Biology (TAU), a DMD from Tel Aviv University, School of Dentistry, and an M.Sc and PhD from Technion. She also holds a Lecturer position at the Department of Oral Biology at the School of Dentistry, Tel Aviv University.

Photo of Dr. Zev Lovinger
Dr. Zev Lovinger

Dr. Z. Lovinger holds a B.Sc. and an M.Sc. in Civil Engineering, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering (2014). He specializes in ultra-high rate testing of materials and he has pioneered the electromagnetic collapse test of cylinders during his PhD, and later extended the method to expanding cylinders. Zev Lovinger has (and still) co-advises several graduate students with Prof. Rittel. He recently spent 2 years at the California Institute of Technology with Prof. G. Ravichandran where he got deeply involved in plate impact and pressure shear testing and modelling. As of today, he joins our group as a Research Associate for a period of 2 years.

Photo of Dr. Ilana Shtein
Dr. Ilana Shtein
Eastern R&D Center, Milken Campus, Ariel University, Israel

Ilana holds a PhD in biology and we collaborate on the mechanics of wine grapes… A very nice subject indeed.

Photo of Dr. Ofir Shor
Dr. Ofir Shor

Dr. Ofir Shor. Dr. Shor specializes in modelling the damage and fracture of composite materials. He is also co-advising some of our M.Sc. students. Welcome!


Photo of Nirit Boudoukh
Nirit Boudoukh