Happy to share our new paper about the bone-dental implant interface (BII)

modelling in a real implant geometry, with special emphasis on the evolution of the elastic properties and the resulting resonant frequencies as would be measured by clinicians. The paper, in press in Acta Biomaterialia, is co-authored by S. Gershov (Techinon), Jing Xie (Beijing Inst. Technology), Keren Shemtov Yona (TAU/Technion) and Furqan Ali Shah (Goteborg University). Comparing the kinetics of the BIC evolution and of the bone-implant gap closure (distance and contact osseointegration), it becomes evident that as long as this gap is not “solidified”, the load cannot be efficiently transferred from the implant to the bone, which indicates that this evolution is the primary factor to consider rather than the BIC. For more details, please refer to